The conga line! - A joyful piece of art for everyone!

In january 2021 Albert Willem started to work at his masterpiece: a neverending conga line! 


By placing a serie of blank canvases, cardboards or other material next to each other and drawing a continuous, winding conga line over them. In this way Albert obtains an joyful work of art that is made very quickly.  Each material then contains a piece of the line and is its own unique work of art, made by a (star) artist. Albert always links the figures to the last work so that the line never ends. 

"The conga line" ‘represents :
- Joyfulness: a work of art for all the party people! (or for those who just don't dare to hit the dance floor...)
- Togetherness: all the separate parts together form one strong whole.
- Different with a meaning: everyone can own a unique piece from a greater whole. Albert's aim is to create the largest piece of art ever made!
- Cost-consciousness: Due to the simplicity in material and the simple production of the work the cost price is very low. This makes art from a  grandmaster for everyone accessable!
- Caring for people and planet: The conga line is mostly made on cardboard scrap material from other products! Dance dance dance!

Want a piece of the conga line? Contact Albert by mail or Instagram